Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinpoint?

Pinpoint is an online platform that allows you to quickly identify and manage location listings across the web, monitor your online reputation, and see how your business stacks up against competitors.

Where does Pinpoint data come from?

Pinpoint obtains its data via a combination of web crawl, data licensing, and API access.

Pinpoint monitors both structured and unstructured data sources. Examples of structured data include business-listing sites and review sites, like Yelp and CitySearch. We also monitor unstructured sources, which covers almost any other source you can think of; websites and blogs, social media, news sites, and rich media sites like YouTube and Flickr.

I don't want to use a credit card. Can I be invoiced?

We’re happy to invoice on accounts with 10 or more locations. Please call us at 888-502-5013 to set this up.

I have many locations. Does Pinpoint offer a bulk upload service?

Yes, this is something Pinpoint staff will complete on your behalf. Please call us at 888-502-5013 to set this up.

Why does Pinpoint not offer a demo?

We’re confident you will love our product. If you’re not satisfied, please call us at 888-502-5013 and we’ll make it right.

Do you offer training?

Yes, Pinpoint offers regular training webinars every Wednesday at 1 PM (EST). Sessions usually last one hour and are a great way to learn the product and keep up to date on the latest improvements. One-on-one training is available upon request.

I’m trying to sign up, but have more than 99 locations.

Just give us a call at 888-502-5013 and we’ll get you all set up. We can even upload your locations for you if you have a list in .csv format. 

How often is your software updated?

Pinpoint is constantly improving, so updates are made regularly. Things change fast in our business and we’re always one step ahead. You will be alerted via email and on the website when updates are available.

Is there any software to download?

Nope, Pinpoint is 100% in the cloud.

Still have questions?

We are here to help.

Call us: 888-502-5013

Email us:

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm EST

Hailey Heishman

Customer Education Specialist