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Pinpoint gives you the tools to easily manage your online visibility and reputation, so you can keep customers coming in and coming back.

Over 40% of local business listings have ERRORS in addresses.

And 85% of customers will likely not return to a business if listed incorrectly.

Included Features

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Verify the accuracy of your business listings across review sites, directory sites, and social networks, and maximize your exposure.


Review Capture

Pull results from major review sites to view overall scores, and find out which keywords customers are using to describe your business.

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Mentions Monitor

Compile mentions from across the web for a clear picture of what people are saying about your business.

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Social Monitor

Monitor your business’ social activity, view statistics, and make sure employees aren’t misrepresenting your brand.

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Competitive Analysis

Keep an eye on competitors’ social media accounts and monitor your share of voice in local search.

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