SEO or Mobile Friendly--Which One First

Google is superior when it comes to search. How many times have you heard Google used as a noun or a verb? Internet users love it, hate it, but ultimately need it. As the industry leader, Google controls your fate; sites must be easily readable, including text and imagery. If that cannot be done, mobile search can suffer. 

However, this is just the beginning. While many sites may have not endured the Google growing pains with mobile yet, it will happen sooner than later. 

SEO professionals are calling 2015 the "year of the mobile".  While this has been said before, this is not a fire drill because mobile is dominating. Data shows that young people are looking at websites on mobile devices. For most of our clients, roughly 30-40 percent of their traffic is from mobile and tablet devices and by 2018 we are expecting mobile and tablet devices to overtake desktop. These numbers always tend to be higher for local businesses. 

Why are there more mobile searches for local businesses than international companies? The answer is simple; the popularity of mobile is a result of the instant gratification world that we live in now. 

Here are three behaviors typical behaviors that can increase mobile searches:

Need it right now— this mentality is important. Urgency matters, whether the gaslight in someone’s car is on in traffic or the person is so hungry that they are approaching ‘hangry.” No matter where a person is (except off the grid), it is possible to find what he or she needs immediately. 

However, desktop does not provide the same level of convenience, because without mobile, that person could have ran out of fuel on the side of the road and not even have a device to call someone. Also, what good is finding food on-the-go if he or she has to go home first. 

New to the area, but wishes he or she knew the area— whether it is just a day trip, weekend or week-long vacation. Places to eat, things to do and where to stay are questions that need to be answered from that location. Luckily, location services can assist with that and shows that SEO not only benefits the people that live near a business, but also the people in town temporarily. 

Constant change and never the same—some people do not like repeating where he or she eats at, what they do or where they shop. These free-spirited individuals like the ability to change, therefore, mobile gives them the opportunity to experience something new.
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