Get Social--Where Customers Are and How to Target Them

Who are you targeting? Identifying the target audience may seem elementary, but because it is so simple sometimes people lose sight of their demographic. 

Facebook – from soccer moms to grandparents, this platform has a wide range of users, for any business category. A lot of decision makers can be found on Facebook; however, over the past few years, the algorithm has created a pay for play environment. As a result, buying ad space and sponsoring posts are important, as a result generating organic traffic is difficult. If an advertising budget is not available, being present on Facebook is important, but resources should focus on other options. 

Twitter – the platform that has changed news forever. Twitter becomes outdated in a second and if a person blinks he or she may miss a Tweet entirely. Niche audiences fit in on this platform, from sporting events and TV shows to fitness fanatics, users can find groups of people with similar interests. Groups can be found as fast as searching a hashtag. 

Instagram, SnapChat and Vine – These three power players are important in their own right, but are grouped together because of their millennial unity. When parents, grandparents and every other relative got on Facebook, teenagers and even older millennials abandoned ship. 

Pinterest – Beautiful imagery is everything for this picture perfect platform. Visually driven brands such as cooking, clothing, events, etc. can thrive on Pinterest. The opportunity to generate traffic and social shares on Pinterest is high. 

LinkedIn – B2B clients, executives and business people of all types can be found on the professional network. This platform can be beneficial for client research or recruiting purposes.

YouTube – over the years, YouTube has become a verb and a place for laughs (“ouch Charlie that hurts” or “is this real life?”) YouTube is a leader in advertising and is giving Google a run for the top spot in search engines. 

Are you posting where your customers are? Small businesses are busy, from payroll to customer service, social media can be low on the priority list. Therefore, it is important to use resources in the most efficient way. 
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